How To Live With Heart Failure

October 20, 2021

Living With Heart Failure

Over 900,000 people in the United Kingdom suffer from heart disease. If you've recently been diagnosed with heart disease, you and your family may be feeling quite uneasy and scared. You may be wondering how this will affect your life and how the future may look. A significant part of living with heart failure is figuring out the best way to approach the disease and manage your symptoms.

Make Realistic Goals

Heart failure may need you to make significant changes to your life, such as your career or social activities. This may be challenging at first, but you should adjust with time. It may be helpful to set realistic goals to assist you in accomplishing specific tasks without overdoing it. Try to speak with other people who live with heart failure if possible to learn how they cope with their disease.

Understand Your Medications For Heart Failure

If you have been prescribed medication to help control it, it's important that you talk through each medication with your health care team so that you understand what they are for and how they help to control your symptoms. If you struggle with remembering to take medication on a daily basis, get a pill box to help you stay on top of it!

Stay Active

While it may be tough, you should make an effort to stay active; even a small amount of exercise each day is beneficial to your overall health. Set realistic goals for yourself that you can accomplish over time. Avoid overdoing it; it is better to exercise frequently than to tire yourself by doing it all at once.

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