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    How does The London Heart’s work compare to traditional cardiology?

    At the London Heart we are a firm believer of using the latest evidence-based medicine and up to date technology to start your journey to better "Heart Health". In traditional cardiology, often the initial go-to treatment is prescription drugs, without looking at the individual’s lifestyle and what could be changed prior to medications being prescribed.

    At The London Heart, our aim is to encourage our patients to adopt lifestyle measures that we feel are safe and appropriate for their individual needs. We take a holistic approach and will try to encourage a prescription of diet and exercise, and if need be, we will prescribe conventional medications to lower your risk of developing heart disease in the future or slow the effects of existing heart problems. We use the latest technology to monitor your progress and guide you to a healthier heart.
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  • At The London Heart, we have access to a wide range of tests and investigations that take us above and beyond the conventional assessments by traditional cardiologists, we can perform high-resolution scans of your heart and the coronary arteries which give us an excellent picture of your heart to allow us an in depth look at your heart and help us detect early signs of disease.

    Our team of highly trained specialists have years of experience in preventative cardiology and will look over your risk profile, providing a detailed assessment of this to allow you a full picture of your personal risks, this assessment combined with our state-of-the-art investigations means that we can get an accurate and in-depth assessment of your risk of developing heart disease in the future.
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