How a Desk Job Can Affect Your Heart Health

March 15, 2021

Being inactive for long periods of time in your daily life can have a very detrimental impact on your heart health and overall wellbeing. Recent reports have shown that sitting, regardless of if you have an adequate fitness regime, can significantly increase your risk of early death.

How Sitting Impacts Your Heart Health

Sitting down all day can be extremely damaging to your body. There are a variety of things that can happen to your body from sitting for excessive periods of time including; lack of blood flow, your body being unable to adequately process fat and developing an insulin resistance

Your heart is not the only thing that can suffer as a result of sitting all day. A variety of issues can arise such as skeletal issues, posture concerns as neurological complaints caused by poor blood circulation.

What Can Be Done To Offset The Damage?

In today’s environment, many of us spend prolonged periods of time in an office and sitting at a desk. However, sitting and being sedentary for approximately six to eight hours a day is not conducive when trying to achieve optimum heart health.

To introduce extra movement into your day to day life and help improve your heart health you could try to add the following to your daily routine:

- go for a daily walk
- invest in a standing desk to stay on your feet for more hours every day
- take the stairs to your floor rather than using the lift
- walk to your destination instead of driving

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